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Suvs, sedans, hatchbacks, Hybrids, electric cars, near Kahului Airport.

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Gas is over $5 gallon right now! Save $40 or more a week easily renting a hybrid car!

hybrid rental cars on Maui

Hybrid rental cars

The most fuel efficient vehicles available!

blue Prius hybrid rental car on Maui

Toyota Prius.... 60+mpg

Hybrids are regular gas cars that are powered by a conventional engine, an electric motor and a hybrid battery. You do not plug them in, but they charge themselves with the braking system. These Hybrids turn off their gas engines, on their own and switch to battery power so you don't have to even think about it, but you get amazing gas mileage!

Kia Niro Crossover SUV rental car on Maui

Brand New 2021 Kia Niro LX crossover SUV Higher off the ground yet smaller, and better mpg, than most SUVs.

Hyandai Ioniq hybrid rental car on Maui

Brand New 2020 Hyandai Ioniq Hybrid with Sunroof!The most fuel-efficient car in America! 2021!

Rav4 SUV hybrid rental car on Maui

Brand New 2021 Rav 4 Hybrid The Most fuel efficient SUV available! 40mpg!

Camry hybrid rental car on Maui

Camry Hybrid. Fancier Car 49mpg

Prius C hybrid rental car on Maui

Prius C. Small car. 50+ mpg

Prius hybrid rental car on Maui

Third generation Prius. 50+mpg

EV electric rental cars on Maui have zero emissions

Electric rental cars

Electric Cars are regular cars but they are powered through batteries not fuel. There are 6 fast charge stations around Maui for the Leaf and Bolt, plus several level 2, at places like costco, whole foods, Home Depot... All EVs come with a cord so you can plug into a standard 110 outlet, so check with the place you are staying to see if you can plug in your rental car there!

grey Chevy Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt gets around 250 miles on a full charge.

EV electric Nissan Leaf rental car on Maui

The Nissan Leaf gets around 150 miles on a full charge.

Tesla Model 3 rental car on Maui

The Tesla Model 3 gets around 300 miles on a full charge.

On average tourists drive around 400 miles in a week, visiting all the major tourist spots, so these cars can go everywhere a regular gas car goes!

EV electric charge station on Maui

Electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations are Located at:

  • Queen Kaahumanu Center in Central Maui
  • Piilani Village Shopping Center in South Maui
  • Lahaina Aquatic Center in West Maui
  • Pukalani Terrace Center in Upcountry Maui
  • Haiku market near Colleens.
  • Maui Electric Company office very close to Queen Kaahumanu Center

The EV-Maui charging rate is $0.28 per kilowatt-hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.; $0.40 per kWh between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.; and $0.38 per kWh between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m.

EV electric plug in charging car on Maui

Rent an Electric EV car from us and it will be 95-100% charged when you pick it up.

powered by vegetable oil VEGI rental cars on Maui

Biodiesel rental cars

Biodiesel Cars are regular cars fueled by a locally made, clean burning, sustainable fuel, of mostly recycled vegetable oil!

Biodiesel jetta rental car on Maui

VW Jetta Sedan. 40 mpg

Biodiesel VW beetle Bug rental car on Maui

VW Beetle / bug 40 mpg

Our biodiesel cars are OLDER vehicles. Considered as Maui Cruisers... AC does not work, a few bumps and bruises, but they still run fine and on 100% biodiesel!

There are 2 Biodiesel stations on Maui; 1 near the airport and our office, and the other in Lahaina. These cars get over 400 miles on a tank so you can easily go a week without refueling.

sunflowers field on Maui

Look for the sunflower fields on Maui. These are being used in biodiesel!

Located 5 minutes from the Kahului Maui OGG airport.

Have your car waiting for you at the Maui airport parking lot!
Super convenient and no lines to wait in for your rental car!

trophy winning rental car companyAward Winning GREEN Company

We ONLY rent the greenest cars available. Everything about our rental car business, and ourselves, is as ECO friendly as possible. Renting ECO friendly cars since 2002! Friendly personal service from locals. No toxic chemicals. No green washing! No extra fees for 21-25 year olds! The original Maui Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Car. Winners of Green Americas people and planet award 2013! Ethical car rental business that gives 100% of net proceeds to charity!

We walk the talk!

ECO rental car logoAlready on Maui?

We HIGHLY recommended having a reservation before coming to our office or Maui in general! If you don't want/need an airport pickup, renters with reservations can pick up or drop off your car at our office anytime or arrange pick up and drop off at several other places on Maui. Ask us! : ) We're walking distance from the Kahului Maui Harbor for those on a Hawaiian Cruise, plus offer free parking overnight. We don't charge for airport dropoffs, but renters are responsible for the airports parking lot fee.

ECO rental car logoRenting a green car, on Maui, supports the greater good today and for the future.

PLUS, you can actually SAVE a lot of $$ in fuel costs! Electric cars don't use any fuel, and Priuses get over 50 mpg! Biodiesel cars are regular cars that use a fuel made from local vegetable oil! EASY refueling and over 400 miles on a tank! Also get free loans of coolers, sand toys, boogie boards... No extra car hire fees for being 21-25, or those older than 70! Do something better for you and the planet! Help prevent climate change and the problems associated with fossil fuel use. Rent an ECO friendly car on Maui!

What people say

  • "We loved the Prius we rented from them. ."
  • "Great people , highly recommend them,clean,efficient cars, would rent again hands down!!!"
  • "Service and convenience are unmatched! You are treated like a friend and not a number.!"
  • "Don't waste your money on Jeeps or Mustangs. This was just right!."

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