biodiesel rental cars on maui

Biodiesel Rental Cars on Maui

Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning alternative "diesel" fuel, made from 100% natural, 100% renewable sources, basically from recycled cooking oil used at restaurants!

Our cars are unmodified standard diesel vehicles. Rudolph Diesel, who invented the diesel engine, intended his vehicles to be powered by vegetable oil!

vw jetta biodiesel rental car
We have two door cars and four door cars, hatchbacks and Sedans. Volkswagon Beetles and Jettas that all run on 100% biodiesel, made in Hawaii!

These rental cars are 2006, OLDER cars, so will have a few more blemishes than newer cars, of course.
Even though they are unique, cool, VEGI cars, they are our lowest price vehicles. 

AC might not work in the jettas, but works great in the Beetle! Key fobs and CD players might not work... Duct tape here and there on the door cloth... Sand imbedded in places, stains from age, ... etc.... But they're all scrubbed, vacuumed, and cleaned with non toxic cleaners, safeties are up to date, of course, and as far as we know, run fine!

The Bio-Beetle is a fun, funky car to drive! 
The Bio-jettas are larger sedans with large trunks.

People often notice the vegi cars and sometimes will chat with you, for driving something cool! 

The VWs average 35-40 miles per gallon, and over 400 miles to a tank! So most visitors, here a week, find they don't even have to refuel until they return their car!

yellow vw beetle

There are two stations on Maui, that sell B99, (100% biodiesel) one centrally located, near the airport, the other in Lahaina. Both have a 24 hour pump, making refueling very easy and convenient. Maps and directions are in every car.

For those of you who worry about running out of fuel, no need.... you can use a little regular DIESEL fuel in an emergency to get you by, if it comes to it... but we bet it doesn't.

Look for the SUNFLOWER fields on Maui! 
Those are test crops for making more biodiesel! 


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