EV electric car charge stations. Where to charge an EV on Maui.

E.V. charge stations on Maui

EV electric car charging stations on MAUI

PLUGSHARE has the most up to date information on where to charge your EV on Maui

level one ev chargerLevel 1 charger = standard household outlet. Can take 16 - 24 hours to fully recharge the cars. but they help a lot if you can plug in overnight.

level two ev chargerLevel 2 Charger = Most commercial charge ports Can take 12- 16 hours to fully recharge, but are usually good for a closer parking space..

EV fast charger on MauiLevel 3 Charger = Fast Chargers generally recharge around 100 miles per 30 minutes

Make sure the chargers are plugged in correctly, and the lights inside the window of the car are flashing as supposed to.

Maui EV Charge Stations Maui EV Charging Stations

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Leaf charge port button

Charge port button location Left of steering wheel.

Usually looks like a gas pump...

EV ohana charging stations


Places listed on the map are publicly known. Some have restrictions, such as for guests only, or require a special card. Be sure and read the requirements before assuming you can charge there. Most locations take a standard credit card.

Follow directions at the site.

This map does not represent ALL locations, whereas there are several Bed and Breakfasts and small Inns, even Golf courses that may have an outlet that they are willing to make available for electric cars.

We recommend you calling the place you are staying, or want to stay, and ask them if, they don't have a level two or level three charge station, that perhaps they have a standard 110 outlet, within 20 feet of where the car will be parked, that they might be willing to let you plug in at...

EV Charging Station on Maui


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